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Selecting the right session length for you:

Which treatment applies to your pain?

<p-If you have a specific pain (examples: shoulder, knee, neck, sciatica,
hip, leg, or ankle, etc..etc…) you have most likely injured a tendon or ligament. An initial assessment session will be needed
to pin-point your injury (injuries) and a treatment plan will be discussed at your session. Please select the “Initial Assessment
Session” from the menu, and follow up appointments will be scheduled at the time of your assessment.

<p-If you are feeling general, overall soreness or stiffness, but can’t pin point your pain, then excessive muscle tension may be the culprit. You may find the 60 minute, or 90 minute sessions more helpful for this issue. You can also choose the 30 minute session if you want to focus on easing tension in either the upper, or lower body.

Minute Session $48.00

Minute Session $72.00

Minute Session $95.00

Minutes Session $135.00

Assessment Session $125.00 (Lasts between 60 – 90 Minutes)



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